Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good bye 2008

It's 6 more hours to midnight, which means, another 6 hours left of 2008. Looking back, there has been so many things happening this year, which made me laugh as much as I cry. OK, maybe I didn't cry too much, but laugh more than crying. But I remember several times when my world collapsed and my heart was ripping. When tears coming out of your eyes, you would feel better after the last one drops out of your eyes. But when your heart is crying, you won't see anything coming out, but it is drying your soul out like the drought hits the beautiful savanna. (Better watch National Geographic to know what exactly happen there).

I'm searching for the meaning of my existence. I don't know if by just being myself, have I ever touched anyone's heart, in a good way, and if ever it was in a bad way, please forgive me, for all my shortcomings. I am not trying to be perfect, as perfect is overrated. But I do want to be a good person, at least in the God's vision, and to at least start loving myself.

Goals..among all I have,what have I achieved this year? I think,none of the most important ones. If I list it all out like Bridget Jones, hmm...I'm certain it will keep changing every minutes. But I think, I was born as a fighter. I fought to live before I was born, I fought to be where I have been, I have fought for everything. Even if I have lost many battles, I'm still here, and still being alive is the biggest battle that I have won,Alhamdulillah.

Hijri New Year was 2 days ago, and tomorrow is a new day for a new year. Hopefully tomorrow and beyond will bring so much more success & happiness for me and everyone. Have a blessed life and may we grow to be a better person than we have been this year. Goodbye 2008...

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