Wednesday, December 24, 2008

If only...

This morning, in Flyfm's Fix-it was about a girl, who summoned up her courage to propose to a guy she loves, got rejected, she laughed and hung-up the phone. Well, I've been there,done that and I know very well how it wasn't really a laugh. Ben & Nadia called her back,asking if she's ok, and from the sound of it, I knew she's not going to be ok for a long time. So, if I ever get to meet her, the one thing I'd like to say is, "Welcome to the club, let's go to my secluded big,white,cold room. i think,your red flakes are there too".

I remember posting on my Friendster's blog, a snippet from a book I read, titled "Ku pinang Engkau Dengan Hamdalah" about proposal from women. I'm too lazy to translate it in English, but the writer mentioned that Islam allow woman offering herself to a man who she trusts of having a strong faith and trustworthy to be her husband. It is a part of a way for self-remonstrance (mujahadah).

If only you're mine,
your soul, your heart, your love are for me alone,
how I wish you'll be mine forever
in this life and the hereafter.

If only you're mine,
I know by then that my prayers are really answered,
when you love me in return, with all your heart
I'll be the happiest person on earth

That's it,it's not complete, but I have no more idea. I'm still inside that room. I'm really really tired of moving on. This time, I want to stay, as long as I could. Call me crazy, but I don't care about anything anymore.

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