Friday, April 4, 2008


First of all..I'm NOT in any way connected to Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly Duckling children fairytale..but somehow,a part of life I'm going through right now is pretty much related, where there is a sense on not belonging to this certain group, isolated and lonely..hahaha..sounds tragic huh? If the Ugly Duckling in that story ended-up being a beautiful swan, I am so not like that. To describe myself, I wear a pair of old, baggy jeans, huge blouse or baju kurung and a BATA slippers that old ladies wear to go to the market, practically everywhere. That would explain the Ugly part, not the duckling. But I think..I don't care what peoples say about me,as long as I'm comfortable with whatever I am wearing.. *wink*

But musings and babblings are my specialty *mischievous grin*..

I'm old enough I guess..(if 25 is considered old..I have live for a quarter of a century,alhamdulillah..),to be outspoken enough, discussing about everyday things..not to mention,'mengumpat-ing' a bit every now and then.Bad me..*evil grin*

I love listening to Flyfm, an English national radio, especially the Fix-it every weekday morning. And today's Fix-it featured a girl, asking the DJs to fix her problem with her bf, which I think is too silly to be talk about.Aiyoo..come on lah..her bf is no longer open the door for her, pulling a chair for her and other things she considered 'gentleman' things. I know those are romantic things any typical ladies would expect from their bfs to do, but,d'oh.. (slaps forehead) you have hands & legs to do those things yourself. Couples show their nicest side always when in a relationship. But see if they are married, the true colours will come out and you will see how unromantic and ungentleman they will be. i mean,when you have children etc (p/s: I'm single) , when you have the responsibilities, you tend to care more about children & responsibilities and will have less time to be romantic and least,that's what I've witnessed so far..I do wish to have a romantic & gentleman husband one day,I have been and always will be praying for a 'suami soleh' since I was 19..

After so many things that I have gone through, I think, I am more matured now, in a way of managing my life. Not that I am not matured before..haha..I think,I'm learning to live my life a lot independently? Maybe so..But every now and then, I would always be wondering, if I'm gone missing, will there be anyone looking for me? My family would of course, but others? Hmm..I just don't know..