Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love- Present and the future

Being faithful - priceless...

I read some articles featured in Yahoo homepage yesterday, and I could feel the devastation of those being cheated on. The wife of a politician in the US, whose battling cancer and a cheating husband. My God, is he heartless? Your wife, who is clinging on to dear life, shared your ups and downs for so many years, mother to your children. I don't have even the slightest bit of respect to such a guy. It's been lingering in my mind for quite some times, to write a note about faithfulness and relationships. I have some experiences myself, of being cheated on. And I know, there are many women out there who have been there too.

Even for any woman who cheats on her husband, I think, that's the biggest mistake they are making. Marriage, to me, is sacred thing.There are so many women out there praying with tears every single day & night for a spouse to love and to be loved by. Cheaters are horrible, and they don't deserve to be respected-well, that's how angry I am, thinking about this issue. They would always say, they deserve a second chance, ok, everyone deserve a second chance, but in other things, not cheating. Another article I found online stated that it runs in their blood, sort of 'inherited' thingy. And how scary is that! They can go on with “Everyone makes a mistake", "nobody's perfect", bla bla bla...gosh!!! Ok, I can go on ranting about this, but I'll stop now.

To the person I love,

I miss the sound of your voice (Matt Nathanson, Come on get higher)