Wednesday, July 2, 2008

When the going gets tough..'s been a loong while since I last scribbled something here..I don't even know if there is anyone reading this. Remember my previous post, when said if I am gone missing, who will look out and find me?..hmm..I can say that there are a few..
I got involved in a nasty car accident, just a kilometre from my house, and...the trauma is still haunting me. Alhamdulillah, I survived the crash without a single scratch, but I fainted a few times, from shocked

Quite a crowd gathered there, including some bouncers, trying to persuade me to let them tow my poor car..huh..what a scene!! Give me a break laa..I was soo confused and scared..That happened on the 10th of April, exactly 6 days after my previous post.
It took me more than a month to get her back, and yeah..she is different now, not like the way she used to be. The engine is noisier, leaking here and there, but, just have to be thankful to Allah, everything is better now. At least, I still have a car. Imagine those who doesn't have any, who had to take a crowded bus (I know how it feels..I've been there loong before I have this tiny car) or..those who can't even walk..there are so many things we have to be thankful for yet, we are still whining for things we don't have.I rode a motorcycle to work that whole month.Haha..a minah rempit after the drift incident.

Now, I am struggling to graduate.I have a BIG issue with school, that the whole faculty knows..I am in a BIG trouble, but I know, things will be better sooner or later.I am trying my best to keep some faith, try to think positive and put it into work, in personal matters, in everything..May Allah help me and help us all..amiin..

That's when I realize, "when the going gets tough, only the tough gets going!"
I knew that phrase from a mural, back when I was in high school. It made me wonder, am I that tough? I hope I am. I hope I will always stay strong, so that no matter what happen, I can still be patient and get going, I can still smile and relax. I have some peoples, giving me their support and strength, and I thank them so much to just be there for me. I love you all and I wish everyone the best things in life..