Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm back...

Whoa!!! It's almost May of 2009, and I haven't been here for sooooooo long.
I haven't been well these past few days, so, just stayed at home, being lazy. I am overwhelmed to see some visitors on the map,thanks for stopping by. Don't know if any really do read my whole lot of ramblings here :p

It's the red alert about swine flu lately that's been keeping everyone worried. Imagine, not enough with the deadly bird's flu, now, SWINE FLU?!? (well, not that I ever eat anything associated to pig) What's happening to the world??? Imagine if it's going to turn into Cow's flu or whatsoever? What are we going to eat? troublesome is that. I cannot imagine every human being on earth becoming a vegetarian.Na'uzubillah..

I remember back when I was in my undergrad years, learning Virology, how dangerous it is when an illness is associated with virus. Compared to bacteria, virus is a very simple microorganism consisting only a sheath of protein coat and genetic material, either DNA or RNA. And it is the most easily mutated.So, be careful everyone!

Almost 5 months has past. I have my ups and downs,and I think, it will stay that way all the time. I am never good at coping with stress. And if I am really in my depressed mode, the obvious thing that would happen is puking, few times everyday. And the outcome- an easy weight loss. And yesterday, I was hit by an idea of writing a poem, funny, because poem is not my cup of tea actually. I was thinking if it could ever somehow be turned into a song, hopefully to be performed by Maroon 5, hahaha..I love Adam Levine so much!! haha..talking about gorgeous hunks, my no. 1 favourite will always be the cool Keanu Reeves, then Matt Dallas (Kyle XY), and Eric Mabius from ugly Betty, awwww....I love his enchanting blue eyes so much. Which connects to the song by Donna Lewis ('I love you always forever' played repeatedly on my music playlist: "you've got the most unbelievable blue eyes I've ever seen") And not to forget, my favourite hero from my favourite Merlin TV show- the charming Prince Arthur- Bradley James. Oh please...I really hope that the 2nd season will bring him closer to Gwen, with some lover dovey scenes. Muahhh..

You & Me
Don’t give up on me..please
I just need some time alone
For some straightening of the clutters in my mind
I cannot live without you
I could never imagine my life without you

I know I’ve hurt you so much
And for everything I did,
I know I don’t deserve another chance
I’ve hurt myself too, from hurting you
To see you patiently waiting for me this long
I feel helpless from the love you’ve given me

You deserve better
But I don’t ever want to lose you to anyone else
I want you, I need you
For myself alone
I am my selfish self when it comes to loving you

I pray for the strength to stand
For the courage to battle my pride
To bring you completely into my life
Please don’t give up on me
I know this is too much of a request
Please give me some time

I believe in you and me
The day will come
When I hold you in my arms
Forever, you are mine
And our loves are for eternity


Anonymous said...

hey havent c u around much lately.. bz?

Fariza said...

Yeah, quite busy, but not too much. Are you my Aussie MSN chatmate? Miss you sis, my MSN is being very annoying these few months, so, I didn't use it anymore